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Research and Development Focus

Microarray based:

• Pharmacogenomics

• Population screening (multi-sample)

• Diagnostic use in medical, veterinary and agriculture research

• Lab on chips

New diagnostic tools/Xenobiotic and HTS Screening

The main focus in this field is a development of novel more efficient bacterial high throughput screening tools for detection of xenobiotics as genotoxic and cytotoxic substances, endocrine disruptors etc.

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   Business Focus

  • Microarrays and biosensors
  • Bacterial tests
  • Coagulation assays
  • Synthesis of polymerization activator to Spofa-Dental
  • Technology of new disinfection product
  • Development and production of Peroxy-box prototype to Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
  • Genotoxicity lab to VUAB Pharma
  • LFIA lab to VUAB Pharma
  • Genotoxicity lab to Meditox (CRO)
  •   Microarray lab to University JEP

Human Resources