Our team has specialized in DNA and chips for over 10 years. In cooperation with Arrayit and research institutes 

(Masaryk University, University of Verona, Ceitec, Biocev, ICT Prague, Charles University, etc.), 

we have provided unparalleled custom microarray design and production, their bioinformatic analysis and interpretation , in addition, deliveries of key components (microarrayers, scanners, hybstations, etc.) to all Biochip laboratories (Biochip platforms).


Arrayit NanoPrint ™ and SpotBot® microarrays provide sophisticated solutions for automated printing of DNA microarrays and proteins. NanoPrint ™ linear drive and submicronic motion control enable high-end manufacturing, SpotBot® systems enable affordable personal office use. Our DNA chips are used by hundreds of large organizations around the world for all high-end contact printing applications


Arrayit offers three lines of sophisticated microarray scanning instruments, including InnoScan® High Density Fluorescent Laser / PMT Scanners, SpotLight ™ CCD / Cold Excitation Fluorescent Scanners, and SpotWare ™ Color Line Scanners. All of our microarray scanners are fully compatible with hundreds of Arrayit’s supported products. Our scanners are also compatible with all major open platform vendors, allowing users to mix and match microarrays, microarrays, amplification and labeling kits, hybridization stations, dyes, software tools and other exciting products.


Arrayit offers cutting edge preprinted microarrays including H25K, the first microarray designed and built using the entire human genome sequence as a blueprint. Discover Chips ™ provides basic human, mouse, rat and Arabidopsis studies, and CheckIt ™ Chips provides excellent educational tools. Arrayit DNA chips are affordable, easy to use, and compatible with open platform scanners, hybridization stations, processing hardware, and software tools from dozens of leading vendors.


Arrayit offers the world’s most widely used microarray printing technology consisting of Professional, 946, Stealth, and ChipMaker spindles and printheads. Our patented printing technology enables the high-speed fabrication of DNA, proteins, antibodies, lipids, carbohydrates and many other types of microarrays for research and diagnostic applications of gene expression, genotyping, protein profiling and many more.


Arrayit Super Microarray substrates are polished atomically flat glass printing surfaces with superior coupling chemistry at an affordable price. Precision cut to dimensions (25mm x 76mm) and polished to ± 25 Å, Arrayit Super Microarray substrates set the standard for all types of microarray applications, including DNA, proteins, antibodies, carbohydrates and other types of microarrays.


Arrayit microarray instruments are sophisticated products designed to facilitate the quality and speed of your microarray reasearch.

The instruments are compatible with all types of microarrays and include computers, spinners, air jets, vacuum products and other exciting widgets.


Arrayit sets the standard in the microarray industry with Arrayit brand labeling kits, starting with our flagship product for colorimetric labeling of alkaline phosphatase. We plan to launch a full line of fluorescent and colorimetric kits for DNA and protein arrays in the near future. Please review our product descriptions and click on a product for a manual, protocols and pricing information.


Arrayit DNA Purification Kits offer both high yield and superior purity. Applications include: microarrays, purification of fluorescent probes, sequencing and others. Our kits are formatted in single-tube, 96-well and 384-well formats for small research projects and large commercial applications. Arrayit kits use our proprietary binding membranes and purification chemistries for optimal performance.


Arrayit sets the standard for microarray tools to help deliver the highest quality results for genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, drug discovery and agricultural research. Arrayit tools are afforgudable, durable and easy to use. Almost all of the major research organizations in the world use our microarray tools.


Arrayit solutions and buffers are designed and optimized to increase the quality of DNA microarray manufacturing, processing and use. Printing pads, blocking pads, and washing pads are based on over 10 years of research and development.


Arrayit high performance microarray cleanroom technology products are designed for the most rigorous cleanroom environments. Cleanroom coveralls, gloves, wipes, and particle counters offer the best products available for Class 1, 10, 100 and 1000 microarray cleanrooms.


Arrayit offers books and software to speed up your DNA microarray research. Written by the father of Microarray technology Dr. Mark Schena and published by Oxford University Press, Eaton, Wiley, Jones & Bartlett and Scion, our books on microarray provide the best educational tools available. Our ArrayDesigner software tools developed in collaboration with Premier Biosoft offer the best solutions for the design of oligonucleotide probes and targets.


Arrayit offers a comprehensive range of tools, kits and reagents for the most demanding requirements of Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH). NanoPrint ™ and SpotBot® microarrayers enable automated printing of CGH DNA microarrays, three lines of DNA microarray scanners, including InnoScan®, SpotLight ™ SpotWare ™, provide scanned data. Amplification and labeling kits, hybridization stations, dyes, software tools and other exciting products complete our CGH product line.


We are pleased to announce our flagship DNA microarray platform, a “turnkey” solution for the colorimetric analysis of DNA microarrays. A full range of microarray platforms for low, medium and high throughput microarray analysis of nucleic acids and proteins with fluorescent, colorimetric, chemiluminescent and surface plasmon resonance detection will be released in the coming months. . Please check our website frequently for the latest product versions.