GenomKit (FV30421) is pursuing genotyping microarray technology to enable personalized pharmacogenomics, nutrigenomics and sports medicine.

Innovative platform for determination of bioactive compounds (FV40231) The main objective of the project is to acquire an innovative qualitative sensor/s for non-invasive lipid profile analysis, to design modern analytical and bioanalytical methods that will significantly shift the applicable area for the rapid determination of clinically relevant analytes. The non-invasive sensor technology design will use the following systems according to the nature of the matrice:

a) Microfluidic systems, or Lab On Chip technology

b) DNA chip technology

c) Molecular sensors It is the development and application of completely unique and innovative non-invasive technologies for fast, inexpensive and user-friendly determination.

Innovation: Innovative use of non-invasive matrices using modern technologies and R&D knowledge for smart (smart) determination against existing concepts

The effective biotechnology for population chip synthesis as well as its verification on the pilot plant material matrix. This project no. TH02010351 is co-financed by TA ČR. The project is aimed at substantial innovation of biotechnological methods based on newly developed population chips, the application of which will enable spreading of the progressive technology in the sphere of biotechnologies and will make it possible to use more environmentally friendly populations of red clover that have been gained via detection of allele gene variants. Another output of the project rests in the legal protection of technology for red clover selection with improved nitrogen fixation. The technology used will be principally more economical and more focused towards protection of environment and will enhance a content of stable organic matter and will broaden functional diversity of microorganisms in soils. Economical and environmental evaluation will be provided. Smart Food with Biochip Control FW01010347 The main objective of the project is to develop and introduce into production innovative nutritionally balanced nutrition using new knowledge and formulation technologies shifting current borders and possibilities in food production. Nutritionally balanced, value-added nutrition is of great importance in optimizing diets and thus improving the health of the population.

Technology for destruction of persitent pollutants (POPDESTR) microarray quality control system (OLIGOSYNT)



Analytical inspection of quality of main precursors of PET Radiopharmaceuticals

Analytical identification of pigment vehicles in 19st-masterpiece of Prague theater curtain from Victor Tardos-Kranner using TLC, MALDI-TOF a GC/MS

Methodology development for rapid analysis and identification of poisonous substances in equine blood

Development of analytical method for quantification of immunosupressants using LC-MS

Detection of genetic metabolism of disorders of pyrimidine using LC-MS

Quantitative determination of trace metals (Cr, Hg, Pg, Cd, CrVI+), polybrominate, diphenyls and polybrominated diphenylethers using AAS, chromometry and APCI+/–MS

Quantitative determination of trace metals (Cr, Hg, Pg, Cd, CrVI+), polybrominate, diphenyls and polybrominated diphenylethers using AAS, chromometry and APCI+/–MS

Cooperation in development of method in monitoring of inflammatory markers, biomarkers of oxidative stress, cysteinyl leukotriens and leukotriene B4 in breath condensate using LC-MS

Development of technology of 5-phenyl-1,3-dimethylbarbituric acid for production of activator to self-curing/autopolymerizating dental resins

Ames mutagenicity assays co-operated with Xenometrix